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MODEL Module N.º Macrophytes Dimensions (LxIxH) He (mm) Hs (mm) FT DT AutoCad
DWW RECYCLER 6 OXYBIO 6 - 1.485 x 1.200 x 1.140 800 720
DWW RECYCLER 6 FITOCOMPACT 6 8 1.880 x 880 x 930 670 620
DWW RECYCLER 10 OXYBIO 10 - 2.880 x 1.200 x 1.140 780 710
DWW RECYCLER 10 FITOCOMPACT 10 16 1.880 x 1.760 x 930 670 620
DWW RECYCLER 15 OXYBIO 15 - 4.295 x 1.200 x 1.140 765 665
DWW RECYCLER 15 FITOCOMPACT 15 24 1.880 x 2.640 x 930 655 620
DWW RECYCLER 20 OXYBIO 20 - 5.080 x 960 x 1.230 880 770
DWW RECYCLER 20 FITOCOMPACT 20 32 1.880 x 3.520 x 930 670 620
Legend: L - Length | H - Height | I - Width | D - Diameter | C - Cover | He - Cota Piping Input |
Hs - Piping Output Quota | FT - Technical Data | DT - Technical Drawing | The dimensions (in mm) are given as an indication, with tolerance of ±2%, and can be changed without notice.

The SMALL WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS, ECODEPUR® DWW RECYCLER, are a compact and modular units for Domestic Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in Irrigation operations. ECODEPUR® DWW RECYCLER combines biological treatment, Macrophyt Reed Bed Filtration and Disinfection by Chlorination.


The system incorporates high Environmental Engineering (Sanitary) knowledge level, seeking to optimize traditionally solutions.
ECODEPUR® DWW RECYCLER system combines the following unitary operations:

  • ECODEPUR® OXYBIO - Reactor Activated Sludge, regime Low Load System ( Joint Fluidized Bed Reactor Constructive characteristics ECODEPUR® OXYBIO associated with the boot method applied ( biological activation ), can dispense with traditional recirculation of sludge from the settling secondary to the biological reactor , thus decreasing the rather high energy form associated with such systems);
  • ECODEPUR® FITOCOMPACT - Reed Bed (macrophytes) from functioning at optimal drainage profile, specific structure of the substrate and pre - stress applied species . The innovative method of construction of the bed, and the application of sub - surface drainage process, ensuring complete safety to the installation, making it a technical and natural solution. This equipment is supplied with a regulator cash flow off.
  • ECODEPUR® CHLORINATION KIT - Disinfection aims at destroying pathogenic microorganisms for the purpose of reuse of treated water for irrigation. Proper mixing and contact time of the disinfectant solution with the residual water (minimum 30 minutes), will be achieved in reservoir storage / Contact ( size and capacity to be determined by customer).


  • High treatment levels;
  • Null visual impact (Underground Installation);
  • Silent mini-blower with low power consumption;
  • Easiness and speed of installation;
  • Manufactured in additive linear polyethylene anti-UV, by rotomoulding system, which confer elevated mechanical resistance and insensitivity to corrosion;
  • Absence of unpleasant odours;
  • Treatment system by Activated Sludge in Fluidized Mixed Bed Reactor System;
  • Functioning and maintenance simplicity;
  • Aeration and agitation secured by only component in high profit conditions;
  • Automatic functioning (electric board with integrated delayer);
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