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MODEL Hab. Equivalentes 1 Volume (l) Dimensions (LxIxH) He (mm) Hs (mm) C (mm) Ø Pipe (mm) Weight (Kg) FT DT AutoCad
OXYBIO 6 6 1.360 1.560 x 960 x 1.230 930 820 750 x 750 110 100
OXYBIO 10 10 2.720 3.040 x 960 x 1.230 930 820 2 x (750 x 750) 110 200
OXYBIO 15 15 4.080 4.520 x 960 x 1.230 915 805 3 x (750 x 750) 125 300
OXYBIO 20 20 4.820 5.080 x 960 x 1.230 880 770 2 x (750 x 1.415) 160 310
Legend: L - Length | H - Height | I - Width | D - Diameter | C - Cover | He - Cota Piping Input |
Hs - Piping Output Quota | FT - Technical Data | DT - Technical Drawing | The dimensions (in mm) are given as an indication, with tolerance of ±2%, and can be changed without notice. ; 1 - The figure given is only indicative, and treatment systems, scaled in each case, taking into account the specific type of application.

The SMALL WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS, ECODEPUR® OXYBIO®, are a Compact System that integrates an Activated Sludge (Fluidized Mixed Bed Reactor System) and a Secondary Settling, appropriated to the treatment of domestic wastewater.
The constructive characteristics of ECODEPUR® OXYBIO® Reactor associated to the applied starting method (biological activation). Allow to avoid the traditional sludge recirculation from secondary Settling to the biological reactor, thus reducing the power consumption associated to similar systems.


  • CE Marking according EN 12566-3;
  • High treatment levels;
  • Null visual impact (Underground Installation);
  • Silent mini-blower with low power consumption;
  • Easiness and speed of installation;
  • Manufactured in additive linear polyethylene anti-UV, by rotomoulding system, which confer elevated mechanical resistance and insensitivity to corrosion;
  • Absence of unpleasant odours;
  • Treatment system by Activated Sludge in Fluidized Mixed Bed Reactor System;
  • Functioning and maintenance simplicity;
  • Aeration and agitation secured by only component in high profit conditions;
  • Polyethylene cover;
  • Automatic functioning (electric board with integrated delayer);


ECODEPUR® OXYBIO® has CE marking, in accordance with the legal obligations that stems from the entry into force of the Directive 89/106/EEC on Construction Products, fulfilling all the requisites of the European Standard 12566-3 - Small wastewater treatment systems for up to 50 PTE - Part 3: Packaged and/or site assembled domestic wastewater treatment plants


The SMALL WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS ECODEPUR® OXYBIO® functioning is based on the biological treatment of wastewater on two different processes:

- Activated Sludge: it is essentially destined in turning the organic matter transported by wastewater into
biological flakes, resorting to the forced air circulation, through a small blower, promoting the oxidation/
reduction and the consequent Small organism’s development. The synthetic filling introductions in the aeration tank allow increasing the biomass concentration in the reactor interior, maximizing the biological treatment.

- Secondary Settling: the biological sludge subsides, taking place the solid phase separation of the liquid phase; the introduction of a tube settler increases the specific area of decanting that potentates the increase of the decanting efficiency. The effective construction geometry allow that great part of the decanted sludge recedes to the aeration tank, dispensing a recirculation pump that would introduce a perturbation in the decanter and do damage the decanting. The recirculation pump absence also contributes to the almost null power consumption of the installation;



  • Small population clusters up to 20 inhabitants;
  • Habitations;
  • Condominiums;
  • Small tourist complexes;
  • Schools; Athletic complexes; Camping;
  • Component maid of wastewater produced in industrial unities, between others;
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