World Environment Day | Biodiversity is celebrated

Environmental protection organizations fear that the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the consequent economic recovery, will jeopardize goals on climate, biodiversity and climate change. World Environment Day was created by the UN and has been celebrated since 1974, to raise awareness and make the world population aware of the importance and preservation of the environment.

This day is an opportunity to celebrate the environment, to remember that it is a whole, a complex system in which the climate, the oceans, the diversity of living beings and their surroundings interact, sometimes in a way that goes beyond our own anticipation capacity.

This year, biodiversity is celebrated, remember that it is "in our hands that not only our own future is now, but that of all other living beings with whom we share the earth", as writes the journalist David Attenborough, who dedicated part of your life giving voice to the beauty and diversity of life.

Think about the future!
Be Conscious!

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