ECODEPUR® - TOTAL Relais Bouregreg, Morocco

ECODEPUR® taked part at the project - TOTAL Relais Bouregreg, in design, supply and installation level of Wastewater Treatment and reuse systems of Domestic Origin (Toilets, Restaurants and Mosques) and industrial Origin (Oily Waters from carwash process).

The System allows the treatment and reuse for green areas irrigation of 80m3/day, leading to environmental and financial resources preservation. TOTAL Relais Bouregreg, it’s still formed by a Photovoltaic yard constituted by 120 solar panels covering 20% of the overall station consumption, illumination 100X LED and a Eco-Friendly climatization system.

Representing a Service Station 100% Eco-Responsible and becoming the first one at this type at Morocco kingdom.

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