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The rainwater systems ECODEPUR® AQUAPLUVIA, allows to treat and storage the rainwater, for reuse, with all sanitary and hydraulic safety.

Different equipment’s and options on AQUAPLUVIA are included on a full range of AQUAPLUVIA systems denominated (SAAP).

In general, Conception, instalation and operation of SAAP, must respect local legislation, applied to this kind of installations.

There are high water consumption in WC flush, irrigation, and several washing. On this operations there’s not necessary the use of potable water, so the reuse of rainwater presents as a strategical solution.

This way, ECODEPUR, develop a full range of equipment’s for reducing the domestic potable water, resulting in effective contribution to the preservation of the resource "water", as well as, an advantageous economic return on investment in the short term, since it leads to a reduction in cost associated with the consumption of water.

Currently the reuse of rainwater is considered as a valuation factor and differentiated from new construction (Water Efficiency Facility).


The rainwater can be reuse in:

  • WC flushing;
  • Washing clothes;
  • Wash floors, automobiles, etc.
  • Irrigation of green areas;
  • Industrial uses (cooling towers, fire networks, HVAC, etc.)


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