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MODEL Volume (l) He (mm) Hs (mm) C (mm) Weight (Kg) DT
Mini ECO 500 955 795 400 50
ECO BST 1.100 820 820 820 75
ECO BST PLUS 1.500 820 820 820 95
Legend: L - Length | H - Height | I - Width | D - Diameter | C - Cover | He - Cota Piping Input |
Hs - Piping Output Quota | FT - Technical Data | DT - Technical Drawing | The dimensions (in mm) are given as an indication, with tolerance of ±2%, and can be changed without notice.

Compact Pumping Stations, ECODEPUR® ECO BST PLUS are watertight tanks, ready to install, intended for the reception and elevation of wastewater. It is formed by a Polyethylene tank, equipped with vortex pumps, Electric Board and level switches.


  • One (1) Tank Manufactured in Liner Polyethylene with Anti-UV added, by rotomolding system
  • Two (2) Submersible pumps, Domo type or equivalent;
  • Two (2) elevated system for the pump;
  • Two (2) Retention valve, DN 50 FFD, instaled inside the tank;
  • One (1) Electric border to comand and control off the lift wil higth level sound alarm incorporated
  • Four (4) level switches of type float with 10 meters, mercury-free.
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