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The tertiary system for WWTP ECODEPUR is used for tuning Effluent Secondary, to create water suitability for use in watering operations or irrigation.


SUBMERSIBLE PUMP - After secondary treatment, the effluent is elevated by a submersible pump for the filtration and disinfection. This pump is installed inside biological reactor and is manufactured in AISI304. Present the following characteristiques:

FILTRATION - The pumped effluent will cross a multimedia filter for remove turbidity. The normal particles stocked on this filters included natural organic. They are provided with the Pressure Tank, the Automatic valve, internal diffusion system, connection adaptors, external pilot feed accessories (T-series), external by-pass (AT), the constituent material of the filtering bed, pressure switch and manometer. The filtering bed is composed of two layers of gravel and silica sand and one layer of anthracite.

DESINFECTION - After filtration, the effluent is guided for a disinfection system is constituted by an electromagnetic system for volumetric dosing sodium hypochlorite comprising:

    • An electromagnetic metering pump with manual and / or proportional to the signal from the counter with pulse, with a level sensor alarm (end product);
    • A volumetric meter for cold water with pulse;
    • A dosing tank 100 litters;
    • Retention basin to prevent accidental leakage;
    • A package of sodium hypochlorite, for system start up.

CONTACT/STORAGE OF WASTEWATER TREATED FOR REUSE - The effluent after filtration and disinfection is guided to a contact/storage tank because is necessary to secure a least time of contact (around 30 minutes) between the water to treaty and the disinfectant to guarantee the treatment of same. Besides that secured the contact time between the water and disinfectant also allows the storage of same after disinfection.

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