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Water potabilizations plants ECODEPUR ®, MODEL RO, are intended for water purification, through the process of reverse osmosis.

This process consists of forcing water through a semi permeable membrane, in order to retain an extremely high percentage of salts, undesirable substances, bacteria or viruses, using a pressure higher than the osmotic pressure of the water to be treated, in the opposite direction to that of osmosis.

Today, this technology is considered the most energy efficient for removal of water salinity.


Reverse osmosis technology is based on the process of osmosis, which is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the cells of living beings, through which two solutions of different salt concentrations put in contact by means of a semipermeable membrane tend to achieve equal concentrations at an intermediate value.

To do so, it produces a flow from the diluted solution to the more concentrated which only stops when it reaches the equilibrium between the two concentrations. The force that causes this movement is defined as osmotic pressure and is proportional to the difference in concentration of salts inside of both solutions.

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